Saturday, November 26, 2011

Better late than never, right?

Early in October, the Moms group that I am a part of planned a day to go to the pumpkin patch. When the day arrived to go, it was cold and drizzling - not exactly ideal for a nice fall trip to the patch. The trip was cancelled and it was not re-scheduled. I was really bummed because we get a really nice group rate where the hayride, play area access, petting zoo, selected pumpkin, and snack are all included (way cheaper than you could do it on your own). Kennedy always loves it and I do too - I'm a HUGE fan of traditions so I just figured Tim and I would pick a weekend and take her but then our October was gone before I could blink and we never made it out there. I kept seeing people post pictures on Facebook and or blogs from their family trips to the pumpkin patch and I was just flat upset that we hadn't made it happen. So...the first Sunday in November was a beautiful one and we figured better late than never and packed up after Avery's nap and headed on out to Boyd's. Unfortunately their website hours were incorrect and when we got there, they notified us they were closing in an hour! Fortunately for us, however, they let us in with access to the play area and patch for free! Yay!
It was a gorgeous afternoon - sunny and cloudless - weren't the trees beautiful? Surprisingly there were still quite a few pumpkins left.
I only had to take this picture about 10 times to get one that was decent. No smile from Avery but at least they were all three looking at me. I have to act CAH-RAZY to get the girls looking at the same time - seriously...C.R.A.Z.Y!
After I can't even remember how many attempts to get one of just the girls I gave up - pick your battles, right?
We hadn't really planned to pick out a pumpkin since Halloween aka jack-o-lantern season was over, but Kennedy really wanted one and I figured it'd be cute on the porch until Thanksgiving was over so we went on a hunt for what Kennedy thought was the perfect pumpkin:  
In the end, she and her Daddy thought this was the best Taylor porch pumpkin:
I've decided that after Halloween is THE TIME TO GO to the patch from now on- we were literally almost THE ONLY ones there so Kennedy went up and down each slide all she wanted. I'm pretty sure in kid world it = best day ever!
There is one slide out there that is super big and the line is always ridiculously long when we go out there. It's a slide that makes me all nervous and well, kind of "special" because big kids like this slide and there's no monitoring at the top by staff so the big kids will just cut in front of the little kids (sometimes pushing and sometimes not) and Kennedy will stand up there for 10 minutes sometimes - not exaggerating. It's one of those moments where it tests your Mommy patience because I know it's important that she learns to exert herself if necessary and I know waiting in line skills are important too, but when an overweight 13 year old named Billy Bob the 5th goes up for his 10th time down the slide and pushes my baby back when it was her turn - LAWD help me, I just can't take it! I digress....there were no crowds this time (insert hallelujah chorus here) was BIG fun that she could just run up and down and her Daddy could help her - no pushing, no cutting, no impatient kids behind her and no anxiety ridden Mommy - it was seriously wonderful.
seriously - wonderful:
After she finally had enough of sliding, we climbed up to the top of the haystack. The view was so pretty with the sun setting and I was just happy we made it happen even though it was late in the season!
Next year, Avery will be running around too - hard to believe but I'm sure it'll be back around before I know it!

I've enjoyed having a warmer than usual November because it's given me some outside time with my girls. Avery loves her swing and she's started to prefer the "hanging on" position which just makes me laugh for some reason because she literally is barely moving.
Kennedy's been all about throwing the leaves whenever she can. I'm hoping her Daddy decides they'd look better in a lawn bag than all over our yard and play set soon (;hint hint Daddy).

Before I jump into my Thanksgiving posting (which will likely come in December sometime: ha!) I must share this super cute picture that I got of "Uncle Jonathan" with my girls at Adayln's 1st birthday party (that still seems strange even typing it - how is she 1???) Kennedy LOVES him to pieces and I thought this picture was super sweet.
Look at this sweet little peanut - I mean, really? She and her party were just over the top cute and Abby's done a whole series of birthday posts if you'd like to see the details. I was particularly fond of her sitting pretty in her little party hat.
Abby and Jonathan worked really hard on the party and it turned out just as sweet as it could be. Adalyn handled it all really well and even took interest in opening her presents.

Well, hopefully it won't be December before I post again because I have some cute pictures of our Thanksgiving and it was so nice to have Tim's parents in to join us. Tim and I can now officially say we've tackled our first preparing of the Thanksgiving Turkey and it was good! I've had to work some over the holiday but it's still had it's moments of relaxation and time to just be truly thankful for all we have. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to start thinking of Christmas and what better way to do so than with some good ole' Christmas movies? A friend of mine shared this incredible TV schedule and I straight up printed it out. I'm a sucker for all Christmas music and all Christmas movies! Bring em' on!

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  1. Sweet pictures! That's awesome that boyds was so empty! Worth going late in the season next year!!