Friday, April 23, 2010

It's been a while

Where does the time go...honestly? Crazy! It has been a bit insane around the Taylor home lately. We dealt with a difficult personal issue right after Easter and then I had a staff member resign and then I got...well....ahem....reprimanded by someone close to me and well - I've just not felt like writing to be quite frank. I don't know that even now I am in the writing mood, but I am definitely in the posting pictures mood. So here goes nothing. First from our trip to Pennsylvania to see Chelsea:
We got a farm tour - baby calves, piglets, etc. etc. but Kennedy was pretty fond of the tractor.
It took some coaxing to get her up on this hay bale but once she was there she didn't want down.
We picked wildflowers. Despite Chelsea's best effort to teach Kennedy to pick from the base - note the buds in her left hand. She kept yanking the blooms off but oh well: she had fun doing it!
The day after we got to PA we had planned a trip to the zoo/aquarium. Thank heavens we got there early because it was packed out by the time we left. This was Kennedy's first trip to the zoo and she LOVED it. I am pretty sure the aquarium was more enjoyable than the zoo - check out how close she got to that GINORMOUS fish. Brave girl!
The PA zoo has a polar bear exhibit and this particular bear came right up to the glass while Kennedy was standing there - very cool!
Um....hi - that's a shark y'all! Couldn't resist posting this pic just for the sheer coolness of it! All I could think of when we were in the shark part was the whole "Fish are our friends" (said with my best Aussie accent ever from Finding Nemo). So funny!
A trip to the country wouldn't be complete without a four wheeler ride...and camo.
And a dip in the creek of course. Daddy wasn't with us so I had to suck it up and get in with my baby. Ick!
Clearly she has her Daddy's passion for all things water!
This started out as washing the sand off our feet after our dip in the creek and as you can see my child's love for water stops at nothing so she went all out and I couldn't resist snapping this picture! I then carried her naked jay bird butt right to the bath to warm up and get PJ's on after our fun filled day.
Kennedy stayed with Grandma Barb and dyed Easter eggs while Chelsea and I went out for some mexican food. It was so awesome to see where she grew up, be around her family and her home town and well....HER! I miss you Chelsea! I loved every minute of my time in PA.....well - except for the no Air conditioning part - I could live without that. Can't wait to go back again.

Round 1 Easter - the basket from Mom and Dad
So exciting!
How cute is this apron I got her from Target for her to wear when she's Mommy's helper in the kitchen. She was pretty tickled with it - clearly. Other than the apron she was basically all about the candy. I can't blame her - I would be too.

Round Two - Easter basket from Nana and Pawpaw
Lots of sweet and fun goodies inside, but ironically enough look what else was inside:
We've decided it will be her play do and flower planting apron. A girl can't have too many, right?
Kennedy really wouldn't cooperate for an Easter family photo like I had hoped, so this is the best we could do. It was really nice to be at Tim's parents church. It has grown SOOO much and it was just good to be a part of their Easter service.

Before we headed home we had a playdate with Madison - Tim's cousin James' little girl. These two had a big ole time!

We left Kennedy in WV for the week following Easter. She spent lots of time with Nana and Pawpaw doing all kinds of fun stuff and Tim and I did this:
The ENTIRE time she was gone. No fun! It was nice knowing she was in such excellent hands though. We greatly appreciated the chance to paint our play/bonus room - ceiling, trim, paint, etc. Now....I still don't have curtains up or pictures on the wall but we've been piecing that stuff together bit by bit and I hope to have it done soon. It looks so much better. Too bad I don't have a before and after.

The weekend after I got home from WV I drove to Murray for a college girlfriends (Katie) baby shower.

It was so good to see her. One of my other college girlfriends Jentrie recently had a little girl named Avery so I got to see her too. To top off all the baby love I got to feel sweet Keagan moving in Janine's belly - it was awesome! So good to see friends.
Janine, Katie (baby Carly is due in May), Jentrie with Avery and yours truly.

Carly was moving and I wanted in on that action. Her sweet little movements were nothing like Kennedy's which packed a lethal punch as I recall. Can't wait to meet her!

Avery Lynn

Time away with family and friends was really fun. It's so cool to be around friends who have recently become Mommies. It's a tie that bonds us all and it's just a really neat thing. It's been back to the old grind since returning. Until next time..


  1. Wow... looks like you've had some fun travels!! Kennedy is so adorable. She is such a cutie and bravo Mommy for getting in that slimy pond with her!

    I'm sorry to hear things have been stressful for you Lindsy. Hope they get better soon!

    Glad to touch base again ~ I've missed hoppin' over to your blog!

    Hugs :-)

  2. Thank you for pointing out my camo shirt! Next time you come for a visit I will get you your own to wear. hahaha. I miss you so much and cant wait until you come back again! You're such an awesome friend...

  3. Wonderful picture post, Linds! Sweet pics of the baby (big) girl! Your family pic is beautiful, even if you say it's "the best you could do." I love it! Can't wait to see the entire family in less than a month! WHOO HOO!

  4. Cute pictures! Kennedy looked like she was having so much fun with Chelsea! I'm so glad you guys were able to go visit!!