Sunday, October 11, 2009


Over a year ago I sat in a meeting scared to death thinking "what have I gotten myself into." That meeting was sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and it was my first glance into what the next several months of my life would be like. I had signed up with Team in Training to train for a triathlon - something I had always wanted to do but didn't know how to start. In that meeting the world of blogging was introduced to me as a way to have your supporters follow your training journey - physical and fundraising. It was shortly after that meeting that I started a blog. I knew nothing about blogging and I definitely didn't have a clue what a giant world I was entering but boy oh boy is it crazy! I can't get over how many regular old Joe Shmoes like myself sit down a few times a week or more and blog about their life, their experiences, their faith, their hobbies and the list goes on. What is even more amazing is how we bloggers become intertwined - how we "get to know each other" through reading. There are a ton of ways bloggers find each other but likely the most popular is that when you start your own and start reading others you like to see who those you read are following - thinking you might like to read those too. If you do like it - you start following them as well and it just grows from there.

I follow lots of close friends that blog but there are several people I follow that I don't even know really. I love to read Pioneer Woman's Blog - she makes me laugh, her photographs inspire my creative side and oh my her recipes get people talking. Go ahead and make some - people LOVE them! Her new cookbook is on my Christmas list! I love to read BooMama and Big Mama because...well.....they are hilarious! I like checking in on O'My Family because she's real and she tells it like it is with a side of laughter and humility. She makes me look back on my sleep crazed baby days with Kennedy and just smile because I think "I was soooooo there!" I like reading Sue's blog because she seems genuinely sweet and just I dunno....wise. Like a blog Mom if you will.

Anyhow - I love that I can sit down on my lunch break at work or with cup of coffee in the morning and connect with some of these people (in a way) and just smile and laugh - they are like a good book with suspense because you never know what the next chapter will be about. You know? I like that I get inspired, I get cooking ideas....

All of that to lead to my post for this evening. Without further ado.....the MMMMMMM. I was reading Big Mama here recently and stumbled upon this post which peaked my curiosity because in all honesty - it's how I feel. I agree with her - there is no such thing as too much chocolate and along the same lines I would just like to add that I also feel there is no such thing as "too rich". You people who say that - stay away from the ones who made those desserts to which you refer so they can keep on creating their glorious creations for those of us who never even so much as kind of hint at mentioning those two words! Okay....back to what I was saying. My boss's birthday is today and trying to be the good manager that I aspire to be - I always make a big deal out of staff birthdays and the Dr.'s are no exceptions. His wife Laura told me that he loves chocolate and the more the better so I thought this recipe might be the perfect thing to try!

First things first - I sent Tim to the grocery. Now....I know if my Mother in Law is reading this she is going to be tickled because y'all - my man cannot go to the grocery store without calling me a minimum of two times and I think the same applies to his Dad. Seriously! It's like some unspoken Taylor man rule or something. Well, tonight was not one of those nights for whatever reason. Bless his heart he got all the things on my list and got to the check out and remembered he hadn't checked the eggs for cracks. Don't you know this one time would be that one time when half the eggs were broken. So he comes home and is relaying this whole story to me and says - "I figured we could just get them later". I'm like - "babe, how am I supposed to make a cake without eggs?". Brace yourselves ladies - he says: "well, I figured most cakes only call for two eggs and we have two eggs, right?" to which I replied "oh...and you know this from all the cake baking you do, huh?". He went back out the door as I am saying this to buy eggs because this cake called for three. Ha! After he left I was getting all my other ingredients in order so I could prepare to start Betty Crockering and I realize he has purchased Devils Food cake rather than the Butter Chocolate mix that is in the recipe. I get a little worked up about my recipes so I wanted the exact right thing. So....I call him on his cell phone and tell him exactly what to get. Two minutes later my cell phone rings and I am met with a laundry list of cake mix brands and types being listed in my ear. ha ha ha ha ha. Oh - sweet boy!

Now....I don't know if it is because I live in Kentucky or what but we don't have the exact cake mix that Big Mama references in this recipe so I had to settle for Triple Chocolate Fudge. And when I say settle what I mean is make do while salivating about the thought of how delightfully chocolate this concoction is going to be. Fast forward to the mixing process - I have what I thought was a decent hand mixer. I am sure it's not top of the line, but I don't think it's too shabby. Well girls - if you decide to make this cake (and I think you should) you need a real deal mixer - like the big ole' nice and fancy Kitchen Aid stand-ups. You know....that thing half of us registered for before we got married but no one was crazy enough to buy for us because it was so flippin expensive - you need that one. My little mixer was just shy of smoking because this batter is so thick - seriously! I had to break out the dough hooks which I didn't even know I owned until I started screaming from the kitchen and Tim came to my rescue. He read the side of my kitchen aid hand mixer box (yes, I still have the box - shut it!) and told me the dough hooks could be used for thick cookie dough batter and I replied back rather hastily "I need those ASAP!" Need them indeed - that batter is ridiculously thick.

The cake is in the oven now and it smells so terrifically yummy that I can't wait to see how it tastes tomorrow. I love baking cakes and am anxious to see how everybody feels about it. So, while some of you get back to your post partum body weight like 11 weeks post delivery when others of us (ahem...myself) still aren't there and there daughter just turned two....I will be sinking my teeth into this delicious creation tomorrow and likely won't look back. It will be that good....I can just feel it! Don't you want to make it too? Thanks for the inspiration Big Mama!

Not to mention that blasted peanut, candy corn and reeses pieces mixture is in bulk form in my house....well....because it's fall. Do I really need another reason! Glad sweatshirt and sweater season is around the corner.


  1. SOoooo how did the cake turn out??? Josh wants a "wedding cake" for his birthday. Only him. So, I am going to TRY and make it...can you send me your icing recipe?? And I hear you on the hubs (bless their hearts)...AND the candy :) Just made the same mixture minus the reeses pieces (but I oughta try that!) YUM.

  2. I loved reading this post because it was written exactly how you would have said it to me! :) I could hear you:) When you were talking about sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading blogs and connecting with people, I laughed because I'm sitting here on my couch on my day off with my coffee in one hand, dog on my lap "connecting" with people!

    Good for Tim for being a good hubby and going to the store 2 times! I really hope you got a picture of the cake to post on here because I'm going to need to see it! My mouth is watering...