Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sights of the Season and Soccer!

I love Christmas. It's one of my favorite times of the entire year. I love Fall as well and I love it a whole bunch so it's hard for me to say a "favorite" but let's just say they are both high on my list of favorite times of the year. I can easily specify why Fall is a favorite: the temperatures, the leaves and all things pumpkin. Clearly, I'm a happy girl lately because we are in the thick of all of those things. Christmas on the other hand is a bit harder to specify. I mean, I love so much about it: I love the traditions (our elf and our one ornament a year per child tradition and baking and all things of cinnamon taste and smell, special church services and little holiday outfits for the kids and the hubs getting time off and getting extra time with family and the food and impromptu parties and the twinkling lights everywhere and list just goes on and on. What I don't love?: decorating and un-decorating (is that a word?) or as my BFF says it: "killing Christmas". Anyhow, while Christmas things are out of their rubbermaid abode for a month, we try to get full enjoyment out of them. Case in point: Christmas books! 

 Christmas Jammies!

 One Saturday after we'd been up for a while I heard sirens and they sounded really close. Who knew Santa made a special holiday "drive by" on the local fire engine. Random! 
 Don't you love that despite this picture being taken on 12/13 - my girls are in summer PJ's? Welcome to the South and our unpredictable weather. 

 They were pretty pumped about their mini candy canes compliments of Santa and his "elf". 
 Apparently I'm not the only fan of the twinkling lights - Micah was all about them. I took a gazillion pictures of this sweet little moment because y'all, watching  your baby hold your baby: it's somethin' else. 

 Jennifer had a little impromptu party at her house for us and their neighbors on the day the kids got out for winter break. It was a great kick off for break and the kids had so much fun. 

Looking at these pictures of Grey last year, I CANNOT believe how much he's changed in just a little over a year. 

These girls love a Christmas craft!

 There were crafts and yummy food and a silly gift exchange - so much fun!
 Micah had his 2 month birthday right before we left to head for WV for the holiday. He's such a sweet little photography subject. 

And now for some current fun! Soccer fun! Avery has been playing soccer for a little sports league nearby called Legacy. The league is a ministerial league so the coach prays with the kids every practice and it's just a good ole' time. I tried to get Kennedy to play soccer when she was a little bit younger than this and she WAS NOT, AT ALL. I played soccer from the time that I was a wee one up until after I had Kennedy actually, I had high hopes of being a "soccer Mom" but in reality would never pressure or push my kids into playing. In just playing around in the yard this past summer, it really seemed like Avery had a good bit of coordination with the soccer ball, so I figured I'd talk to her and see if she was interested in joining a team and she was. We started in October and it will end the second weekend of November, but it's been so fun and she has thoroughly enjoyed herself. Maybe I'll claim that title of "soccer Mom" after all! *Kennedy is even saying she'd like to give it a go again so we'll see. I'm trying not to get my hopes up though ;).

Here she is before her first practice. The first practice was only practice but all the practices since have begun with practice and ended with a little 3v3 scrimmage. 

When these little "penny's" came out at her first practice I almost died. It took me right back to wearing them myself - I could even remember the smell of them: ha! Nostalgia....
She was placed on a little team of all girls and their team "cheer/chant" is "GIRL POWER". So cute. Each team is a country and she is on Team USA. 

I know this will take y'all all by surprise but she's been FAR more interested in socializing than playing soccer or learning any real skills. I mean, she's totally my doesn't surprise me too much. 

At her second practice and scrimmage she was given her uniform. So cute! I sent this picture to an old friend of mine who I used to play soccer with as a child and she almost died at the resemblance between Avery and me. She then texted the photo to her Dad (whom I've not spoken with in YEARS but who coached me as a child) and without her telling him, and without hesitation he responded and asked if it was my daughter. Genetics are amazing! 
When it works with our schedule (i.e. nap times) we try to haul the whole family out there to watch her games. I know we won't always be able to all be present at each others sporting events moving forward, but I really want to instill in the kids from early on that supporting each other is important and meaningful. I had a friend in middle school who went to all her little brothers games and I vividly remember thinking "that sucks", but now as an adult I totally understand why her Mom made her go and here's the thing: she NEVER complained about it...I'd like to think I can create that type of desire in mine but time will tell. For now, they're going whether they like it or not. Micah decided to pass the time by lugging around this massive branch he found on the sidelines. 
Its been really nice having Nana and Pawpaw here for things like this. It's still so hard to believe that they're here...for good. 
This sweet boy mostly plays with his trucks the whole time and rotates laps and says he's hot or wants his own chair or that he's know, fun stuff like that. 
Water break! She's a good little hustler between laughing and being silly and being loud and talking..she does pretty good when she's actually trying to play soccer. 

Retirement looks good on them, don't you think? Cheers to many more years of this! 
Again with the joy that is trying to get 4 kids and a husband to just look at the camera and smile for crying out loud. Ugh...I want to give up but it's just not an option if I want to try to document their childhood. I mean, what is Grey doing? The baby is like a deer in headlights, Avery just wants more Capri Sun and Kennedy is doing some kind of strange turtle thing with her neck. 
Take two: Tim is kind of smiling, Avery went ahead and decided to try to cheese through drinking her Capri Sun, Grey is still doing heaven knows what, Micah looks a little more like a deer in headlights and Kennedy sunk further into her turtle shell. Whatever! 
We've had so much rain this Fall that not only have several games been cancelled/re-scheduled, team pictures were totally just called off after attempting to re-schedule them like three times. I likely wouldn't have purchased them anyways, but really wanted some pictures of Avery. I took her Capri Sun pouch away and promised her I'd only take a few and boy did she deliver. Cracked me up! 
I'm telling y'all - this kid is too much. She's personality plus, plus, plus. I just keep telling myself that the Lord is going to use her for something BIG and I can't wait to have a front row seat. She's just something else. 
This was after two weeks of what seemed like straight rain (notice the grass above and then the grass below). Ha! 

Honey was able to come and watch a game and Avery was of course thrilled to have her there. 
This past weekend my sister and her family came up and watched both my nephew and Avery play (he had an early game and she a mid-afternoon game) and then they got to be a part of the trick or treat festivities too and stay through until Sunday when we had Micah's 1st birthday party. I must say the level of excitement over these girls being here was just off the charts. They LOVE them so very much. Again - not sure what Grey is doing here. I mean, it's comical really. 
Our last game is this weekend. It's been a really fun season. I think I'll sign both girls up in the spring to play again. 

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