Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I almost forgot!

In my effort to get caught up on my Thanksgiving posts, prior to starting on my Christmas posts - I almost forgot to post about a wonderful little weekend getaway we had in November.  Abby, Janine and I had discussed during our pregnancies, our desire to get our little boys together ASAP before they got too big. Once all of our little bundles of joy arrived I really wasn't sure if we were going to be able to make it happen or not because if you've been reading our blogs at all  -what you know is that they are all opinionated little boogers and it didn't seem like a weekend with all three in the same house would be super fun. As the boys grew and days flew by each one got less fussy and began to sleep a bit more (praise the good Lord) so after discussing potential get together dates, Tim & I began searching for a place that would house our crew. Luckily we found the perfect place and an even more perfect price for our growing families' budgets. I'm so very thankful we could all get away. Here are the pictures Janine took over the weekend:

Jonathan, Cayden, Abby & Adalyn
Josh, Finley, Janine & Keagan
I'm so thankful these girls and I have experienced this season in life together. Hard to believe how it all began...this time last year we were sharing the news with one another and each of our families. Once the news was shared, we made a point to capture the journey as often as we could:

I hope to goodness there will be lots more pictures just like this in our future:
 These little boys will be like brothers from another mother :)
Outfits from Abby
Boxers from yours truly (Greyson was over the photo op at this point)

The cabin was so perfect and the schedule (no agenda) was wonderful with little ones. We ate, drank and I myself was a bit too merry but all in all it was an awesome time with great friends. We hope to make this a regular thing in the future...oh the memories we'll make. Love you girls!


  1. AWWW!! Such a wonderful time. I got teary eyed looking at these pictures! Soon. We have to do it again soon. Miss you all!

  2. How fun!!! Those sweet boys look like triplets!