Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"A Whole New Animal"

Several weeks ago my super talented photographer friend Jes took pictures of my girls. I wanted to document Kennedy at 4 and Avery at 6 months. We met up at Waveland Historic Site  and honestly I didn't know how the pictures would turn out because Avery was fussier than usual and I didn't get as many outfit changes in as I had planned, etc.

Well, let's just say that when Jes dropped my CD off I was pleasantly surprised because these are some of my favorites Jes has ever done. Just when I think she can't get any better.......

It really is a miracle there are ANY good ones of Avery because bless her little heart she just wasn't herself that day. I had chalked her fussiness up to lack of sleep...that is until the next day a tooth shot through and then two days later another followed - poor baby didn't feel good!

One of my favorite things about Jes's photography style is that she catches my girls' personality. Don't get my wrong: I love a staged and cheesy picture just as much as the next Mommy, but I LOVE even more the photographs of them in action. You know - where she manages to get pictures of little faces or actions that are part of our every day existense but that I love and want to treasure forever. It's almost like in some of the pictures Kennedy was just playing in her own little world with no regard to Jes taking pictures and it's just natural. Does that make sense? Well, anyhow - I adore that part of her talent as a photographer and there are a great deal of those with Kennedy especially. Jes summed it up perfectly (this being the third year in a row she's photographed Kennedy) when she said "whew - she's a whole new animal this year". That she is: ;)

Oh my sweet little girls....the pictures of them together just turn me into a mushy mess!

I just know I'm going to blink and it will be time to do Avery's one year photographs. Oh my.

For those of you wondering - I faired well in my race this past weekend. The weather was amazing and the course was beautiful. My IPOD was loaded down with good praise and worship songs and I watched the sun come up over dewey horse pastures thankful to be out running and just having that time to BE. I finished in about two hours and ten minutes which isn't my best time but it isn't my worst either. I really wanted to be done at 11 miles, but I kept telling myself it was only 2 more and if I walked it would take me that much longer. I was SUPER sore after but am pretty much back to normal now so I'm really happy I did it. Courtney got some before and after pics but I've not seen them yet. When I do - I'll share....I'm sure we were all lookin' smokin' after. Ha!  =)



  1. Your 2 girls are so beautiful and those pictures of Kennedy show her personality so well! I love it!

  2. They turn me to mush too. Love those girls! Soooooooooo wish we lived closer (have I ever mentioned that? ha!).

  3. These are sooo good!! I love them! Adalyn's 9 month pic have some of the same backdrops:)

  4. What great photos!! Beautiful girls!